GIRO Terradura Womens Mountain Bike Shoe Review

Womens mountain bike shoe
Womens mountain bike shoe
Womens mountain bike shoe


Weight: 410 grams (size 39)
Sole: Full Vibram® high-traction lugged outsole with flexible forefoot for walking



Weighing in at 410g which is on par with the weight to price ratio of a number of similar women's mountain bike shoes


Slightly bulkier and heavier than shoes with rubber shoes

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Finding a good mountain bike shoe for men is quite easy with all the choices you have on the market, but when it comes to women’s mountain bike shoes, it becomes a tad bit more difficult. Not a lot of the mountain bike shoe manufacturers have a dedicated women’s line, and if you are looking for a hard wearing hiking/biking shoes then it becomes even more difficult. Thankfully, GIRO have manufactured women specific mountain shoes.


GIRO is an American brand well known for its cycling accessories including mountain bike helmets, mountain bike clothing, and now mountain bike shoes. GIRO have produced a great little shoe with a high-quality Vibram sole for extra grip.


If you’re looking for a shoe with a solid grip on both the ground and your pedals then don’t look past a shoe with a Vibram sole!


We’ve tested mountain bike shoes with both Vibram soles and ones with generic rubber soles and the difference is massive when it comes to grip. Even when you’ve got clip-in pedals, shoes with Vibram soles grip onto the pedal so much better than rubber sole shoes and you will definitely notice the enhanced grip when its wet and slippery on the ground.

You do get some drawbacks with the addition of the Vibram sole, and that’s because they are bulkier than the rubber soles and add on that extra weight to the shoe. For those watching the weight of their mountain bike accessories, these shoes weigh in at just over 410g per pair, which is probably on par with the weight to price ratio of a number of similar women’s mountain bike shoes.

The GIRO Terradura Women’s Mountain Bike shoes are designed for both riding as well as comfortable walking. With a flexible forefoot allowing for a bit of flex in the sole of the shoe (imperative for comfortable walking) and a reinforced toe-box, the shoes provide some reinforcement on the trail.

They are a comfortable fitting shoe and fastening is via two velcro buckles and a ratcheting buckle for closing up. The shoe styling is fairly aggressive and probably suited to medium-duty outdoor riding but it should be noted the shoes are not waterproof and the cleats can clog up when walking in mud although this does not adversely affect the shoe grip.

Overall the GIRO Terradura is a great, comfortable fitting, women’s mountain bike shoe and it comes with a Vibram sole and flexible forefoot!

GIRO Terradura – Shoe Specifications

High-quality, breathable microfiber; Strong and secure N-1 ratcheting buckle closure (replaceable); Offset strap “D-ring” at mid-foot; Rubber toe cap

Molded SPD-compatible shank with optimized cleat zone; Full Vibram® high-traction lugged outsole; Flexible forefoot for walking

Molded EVA footbed with medium arch support; Aegis® anti-microbial treatment

410 grams (size 39)




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