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So you’ve finally decided to take up that hobby and explore the outdoors on your new mountain bike, or alternatively you are already a seasoned mountain bike rider and love your sport and everything that comes with it. However, there IS actually more to the idea of mountain biking than solely purchasing and riding a superb-quality mountain bike, and there are actually a number of great accessories that can enhance or improve your enjoyment of this wonderful sport.

Have you even thought about what you might need to bring along with you on your ride to keep you refreshed and energized?

Do you have the correct outfit and the correct gear for the trail that you may be riding?

Are you prepared for any eventuality and do you have the correct mountain bike tools to take with you?

Our team of experts have rounded up some of the best accessories that you need whilst mountain biking, and we also list some critical gear that you may need for your ride and for maintaining your mountain bike as well.

Bike Cooler Bag

Your mountain biking set of accessories is never complete without a bike cooler bag. For those of us that take mountain biking as it should be taken, namely a fun activity for all allowing the family to tag along or even for the more serious mountain bike rider that enjoys a long ride, there comes a time that you might need more refreshments than just your water bottle, and you may actually need the ability to cart along multiple drinks to keep you energized as well.

The great thing is that when you take a bike cooler bag with you on your rides, you can still get icy cold drinks in the middle of your ride. Dependent on what you want to carry with you or how much you want to stow, you can take a large cooler bag or a small one. The sizing of the bike cooler bag may also depend on the duration of your ride. Pick out a durable cooler with a strong latch, rubber-coated grips and stainless steel handles so that you can carry it easily.

We quite like the BicycleStore  Basket handlebar bag, or for a retro stylish look the BV Insulated Handlebar bike cooler bag.



Repair Stand

You will have to check or repair your bike occasionally. That is why you need to get a reliable repair stand. The repair stand will make it easy for you to do some of the maintenance work on your mountain bike, be it overhauling the bicycle drivetrain or oiling the chain. Instead of taking your bike to the repair shop, using an excellent-quality repair stand can help you do even some simple bike maintenance work in the comfort of your own home.




If you often ride for long hours on end, wearing bib shorts is a wise option. Wearing bibs can give you more comfort while riding. When you shop for bibs, make sure that they fit you perfectly well and do not bunch at all. Choose those that have seamless and sleek chamois pads. What’s great about bib shorts is that there is no need for you to worry about donning an uncomfortable elastic waistband that eventually causes chafing.

Bike Cleaner

Nothing can be more appealing for a mountain bike rider than riding a clean mountain bike! For one, it shows that you take pride in your bike, but most importantly is that dirty bikes can rapidly deteriorate some of your bike components. It is best to keep your bike clean at all times as much as possible since it can lengthen its lifespan. Soapy water is great for cleaning a mountain bike. You may also opt for a specific bike cleaner, which can thoroughly clean your bike. It can remove the grime and grit from your bicycle drivetrain and will keep the frame sparkling clean as well. Be sure to select a cleaner that does not contain any harmful acids. Wash your bike gently by using a garden hose.

Bike Rack

It is not a good idea to buy a low-quality bike rack since it cannot hold your bike well. You should not skimp on your bike rack as it is quite essential for keeping your bike in place. Get a bike rack that you can attach to the hitch or roof of your car. Be sure to choose a strong bike rack so that it can hold your bike more securely. Moreover, the bike rack must fit your bike perfectly.


Indeed, nothing beats being prepared. You must not only get a high-quality multi-tool but you must also get one with an essential chain breaker. It is also a must to buy one with extra pins. There are numerous options available in the market today ranging from the cheap end to more sturdy and expensive tools.


Be sure to buy tools that will last and don’t be fooled by the claims of the cheaper end multi-tools that promise to keep your bike running well but will quickly break.


Obviously it goes without saying that just having the tools is not really sufficient but having the know-how to repair your bike using those tools is critical.




When it comes to mountain biking, using top-quality tires is a must! Great tires can enhance suspension, improve handling, increase traction and can even lighten the overall weight of your bike. However, regardless of the tires that you use, they must be in good shape once you plan on riding your bike. You definitely do not want to compromise your safety while riding. That is why be sure to buy tires that can work well on almost any type of terrain. They should be able to grip well on roots and wet rocks. They must also be able to shed mud quickly. Take a look at some of our more in-depth reviews of mountain bike tires and choose the tite best suited to your trail riding.

Tire Gauge

It is best to get a very good digital tire gauge. You will need it so that you can avoid having punctured tires. The tire-pressure gauge will help you determine the accurate tire pressure. It is important that you apply the correct tire pressure for your bike so that your tires will work well. What’s more, correct tire pressure improves control and traction.

Duffel Bag

When you go mountain biking, you cannot simply go without taking anything with you. Of course, you need to get a duffel bag for your riding clothes, shoes, helmet, food and other stuff that you need for your outdoor activity. There are many different duffel bags to choose from. You can take your pick, depending on your style and preference. However, you must not prioritize style over functionality. You must select a bag that has enough room for all your stuff to fit together neatly. Choose a duffel bag that has several pockets so that you can organize your things well. There should be a special pocket for your wet gear and shoes. Apart from the main compartment, there should also be a separate pocket, where you can keep some small essentials such as your small first-aid kit, compass, extra pair of socks and energy bars to name a few.

Mini Pump

You certainly do not want to spoil your outdoor activity because of under-inflated tires. That is why you need to take a quality mini pump. Try to pick out those high-powered pumps that seem to work quite well. You can also get a good mini floor pump for home use. It is a good idea to consider a mini pump with user-friendly features so that you can use it quite easily. Try to purchase one that has a folding handle, fold-out base and flexible hose.


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