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For the most part, mountain bike helmets have really just been re-designed road bike helmets with visors attached to them. As the sport has evolved, so have all the accessories, and now mountain bike helmets have evolved along with all the remaining mountain bike apparel and rider protection gear (think mountain bike gloves, mountain bike kneepads, and even mountain bike clothing). There is no doubt that mountain bike helmet prices have also evolved (read: evolved upwards!) as the technology has improved, but the helmets of today are heaps better than anything produced a few years ago, and when you are hurtling down a hill and over roots and rocks, spending just that little bit extra on a sturdy mountain bike helmet is considered a good investment.

People always tend to skimp on the helmet and rather focus on getting a better mountain bike, but think about what would happen if you were to fall and hit your head – we certainly would want the best helmet our money could buy. In fact these days, even helmets that would be considered in the value-for-money range have advanced fit and retention systems, and most now come standard with MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System), which is really a great acronym for a safety advance within mountain bike helmets that aim to reduce the chances of a serious injury.

So without further ado, take a look at some of the best mountain bike helmets for 2018, and check out which helmet gets our Editor’s Choice award!



Bontrager Rally Mountain Bike Helmet

Bontrager is a well known MTB brand and certainly one of the better mountain bike brands producing apparel and protection gear for riders. The Bontrager Rally helmet offers a generous profile which provides ample protection for the front and the back of the skull. The Bontrager Rally helmet shell also provides extra protection around the riders temples and with a choice of small, medium and large helmets, there is a helmet to suit all head sizes. Available in both black and matt orange, and weighing in at around 350 grams, the Bontrager Rally helmet is definitely one of the better mountain bike helmets on the market today and deserves to be included on this list of the top mountain bike helmets.


If you like to be noticed, our preference would be for the striking Matt Orange color as it is really visually appealing.

Bontrager Rally mountain bike helmet

But let’s leave the visual appeal to one-side, as most riders will want a helmet for protection and this is where the Bontrager Rally Helmet really shines. From a design perspective, the inner construction includes a composite skeleton that increases the core strength of the helmet in a crash.

Bontrager’s fantastic Headmaster retention system also allows for fine-tuning of the fit of the helmet for that really snug fit, and we really liked that the helmet had an adjustable visor for mountain bike goggle compatibility.

Visually appealing helmet – especially in Matt Orange
Perfect for all types of riding including aggressive trail riding

Bontrager Rally Helmet – Overall impressions

Overall, the Bontrager Rally Helmet is a striking and visually appealing helmet with great protection features that is suitable for all types of riding including aggressive trail riding.


GIRO Hex Mountain Bike Helmet

Everybody knows the GIRO brand, and when you think GIRO you think mountain bike helmets! The GIRO company has produced some classic helmets over the years and with the GIRO Hex have produced another fantastic mountain bike helmet for this segment of the market. Although GIRO have some more premium helmets, albeit at a more expensive price point, the GIRO Hex is squarely positioned as a mid-tier helmet that combines comfort and features at a fantastic price. Designed for all-mountain bike riding as well as trail riding, the helmet is slightly taller than most other mountain bike helmets, and with 21 wide open wind tunnel vents, the design ensures that air flow is optimised whilst you are sitting more upright when trail riding.

What we really liked about the GIRO Hex helmet is the Roc Loc system, and even whilst wearing thick padded full finger mountain bike gloves, the helmet was easy to fine tune for what can be considered as one of the best fitting and most comfortable mountain bike helmets the ProMountainBiker review team have ever worn.

The GIRO Hex also features height adjustment to absolutely ensure the best fit possible. With an adjustable visor, the only downside to the helmet is that there is no easy way to keep glasses on the helmet due to the configuration and positioning of the air vents.

If you are a weight junkie, its good to note that the GIRO Hex weighs in at around 315g, which is not the lightest mountain bike helmet around, but certainly not one of the heaviest either.

Roc Loc system provides easy fine tuning for one of the most comfortable fitting mountain bike helmets on the market today

Giro Hex Helemt – Overall impressions

Recommended for: Trail riders looking for a great fitting all mountain helmet that is easily adjustable and provides fantastic air flow due to its air vent design.


Bell Super 2R MIPS Helmet

Now here is an ingenious idea for a mountain bike helmet! A sturdy open face MTB helmet that can transform into a rigid full face mountain bike helmet simply with the addition of a clip-on chin guard. When riding long distances, the Bell Super 2R has the added advantage of removing the weight penalty and inconvenience of full face helmets without sacrificing protection.


The Bell Super 2R MTB helmet is clearly aimed at the enduro rider but can also be used by all-mountain bike riders looking for a bit of flexibility. Bell is renowned for designing sleek and sturdy helmets and the Super 2R is an enhancement of the famous Bell Super mountain bike helmet (reviewed here) with some modifications to allow for the clip-on chin guard.

What we really appreciate with the Bell Super 2R helmet is the ‘MIPS’ – which stands for Multidirectional Impact Protection System. Designed in Sweden, the MIPS is a low friction insert in the helmet that reduces rotational forces by sliding in relation to the head. Obviously the helmet excels in the versatility department, with riders able to attach and detach the chin guard quickly (our testing averaged between 5 and 10 seconds to attach or detach the chin guard) and with the chin guard in place, the helmet still felt solid and durable.

Transforming into a full face helmet does add some weight (just under 800 grams for our model tested) but it was definitely lighter than most other full face mountain bike helmets. Of note is the Bell Super 2R comes standard with a Gopro mount

Versatile helmet that allows for a clip-on chin guard without sacrificing protection
MIPS impact protection system provides reduction in rotational forces and enhanced impact protection

Bell Super 2R MIPS Helmet – Overall impressions

The Bell Super 2R MIPS helmet is a versatile helmet targeted at a particular type of mountain bike rider looking for the ability to transform from a normal open face MTB helmet to a full face helmet with the addition of clip-on chin guard technology. The helmet provides great ventilation and the chin guard attach/detach mechanism is simple and quick to use.


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