Tork Craft Bike Repair Work Stand Review

Tork Craft bike stand review
Tork Craft bike stand review
Tork Craft bike stand review


Clamp System: Positionable and clampable with 360° swivel
Tool Tray: Magnetized with extra holes for tool storage


Includes magnetic tray Value for money


Fiddly front wheel holder

Bottom Line

Value for money bike stand that includes height adjustment quick-release lever and 360° swivel action

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We don’t often review mountain bike work stands, but we’ve had a few requests from mountain bikers in the past to offer up our opinion on what we use when we are tinkering around on our own bikes. Luckily enough, jus when this issue was being discussed in our monthly upcoming reviews meeting, along came a mate and he dropped off an extra Tork Craft work stand, so we thought we’d just as well offer up our own review of it.


The first question to be asked is why would anyone really need a bike work stand? Truth be told, if you love tinkering around with your bike, the work stand will transform your ability to keep your mountain bike running smoothly. The Tork Craft bike work stand packs a number of nifty features for its relatively low price.


For active repairers, it has holes in the base to allow pegging to grass or into dirt if you wanted. It has a sturdy four legged post for stability, which allows for easy storage too.



Bike repair clampThe clamp mechanism is also fairly robust. The clamp also swivels through 360°, so you can clamp just about any part of your mountain bike including the seat post or top tube.

Adjusting the clamp is fairly straightforward, and with the bike stand’s height adjustment, you can even work at your particular eye-level as required. Height adjustment is undertaken via a quick-release level and will be certainly beneficial for most bike repairers.


Magnetic stand for bike repair


The bike stand comes standard with its own magnetic tray (located directly on the stand) and various elements/extra holes to hold your numerous bike repair tools, making for a much neater and organized work space. No more messing around trying to find that dropped bolt or screw!




The Tork Craft bike stand is supplied with a front-wheel holder which took some getting used to, but most people will finally get the knack of it.



As a value-for-money work stand, the Tork Craft bike work stand is a good choice if you like raising and working on your bikes without too much mucking around.


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