Momsem Lady651 Ladies Mountain Bike Review

Momsen Lady651 Mountain Bike
Momsen Lady651 Mountain Bike
Momsen Lady651 Mountain Bike


Frame: Race Tech 2 Alloy Butted Frame
Brakes: Tektro Women Specific Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Derailleur: Shimano Acera
Rims: Alex/Momsen Tubeless Ready Rims
Product Weight: Small: 13.72kg (Excl. Pedals)
Tires: Kenda Honey Badger XC Pro 27.5" x 2.05
Crankset: Shimano® M391 Octalink
Fork: SR Suntour XCM Suspension Fork with Hydraulic Lockout
Cassette: Shimano HG200-9, 11-34T



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Attractive gender-specific design Well specced for its price Good quality aluminium frame


No locking grips Stock saddle is narrow and racy

Final Verdict

The Momsen Lady651 is an extremely good quality ladies mountain bike, and will win over many ladies that are new to mountain biking, or even experienced riders. At this specific price point, you will not get much better value and high specced components.

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When looking for a mountain bike for ladies, there is often not a lot of quality mountain bikes to choose from. Certain mountain bike manufacturers have long since stopped simply adding a lick or a dash of pink or aqua paint to a generic MTB frame, and Momsen have really excelled with the aptly named Momsen Lady651 mountain bike, which includes some solid gender-specific design features as well as the obligatory visual appeal suited to female mountain bikers. Could this be one of the best women’s mountain bikes under 1000 ?

Momsen Lady651 Ladies mountain bike
So let’s begin with that gender-specific visual appeal. There is no doubt that Momsen has really focused on the visual appeal side, and the Momsen Lady651 comes in a striking charcoal frame with distinctive pink detailing. Female riders will be pleased to know that the pink detailing does not detract from the overall design aesthetic and the overall result is a look that screams “I am a ladies bike, but I am built tough!!”

Leaving the visual design aside, the bike’s naming convention will leave you in no doubt as to the bike’s target market. The Momsen Lady651, with its women-specific design, provides a more comfortable and less aggressive riding position and many lady mountain bikers will appreciate how the riding position is accustomed to their shape. Ladies tend to have proportionally longer legs and shorter torsos than men, and Momsen has thus created a ladies mountain bike that has a slightly shorter top-tube and longer head tubes then similar man-specific MTBs. The design variation really accommodates a ladies anatomical variation and contributes to a better ride for ladies.

Our first impressions of the bike was that it didn’t feel like we were so stretched out, as the Momsen Lady651 has a medium size frame, and the design contributes to a more upright riding position. Most Sunday or recreational riders prefer this more upright riding style as most of the upper body weight is squarely positioned over the saddle rather than the handlebars. Obviously the upright position isn’t as great for aggressive hill climbing, but it does provide riders with enhanced confidence when going downhill, as the riding position gives the perception that the rider will not fall over the front of the bike as easily.

The Momsen Lady651 comes with 27.5” tires, which are particularly well suited for a lady’s mountain bike. However, if you are a taller woman, then we would suggest looking at 29ers as those would suit you better.

Trail Riding – first impressions

So when we review mountain bikes, particularly ladies mountain bikes, we like to test them out in a number of trail conditions. Our reviewers attempt to test the bike on both dry runs, as well as when the ground is nice and muddy. We feel this provides a better overall review as the bike is tested under a cross-spectrum of conditions that most riders will most likely experience. So let’s get straight into finding out whether the Momsen Lady651 could handle a bit of the rough and dirty.

First off, let’s talk about the bike’s weight. At just under 14kg, this hardtail will not exactly float uphill, but it did provide for a fun ride for the downhills. Momsen really designed the frame and the angles well, with the bike handling with confidence on all the runs we put it through. The bike build is good for an entry level mountain bike and although certainly should not be used for competitive biking, it definitely is a capable ladies mountain bike.



Momsen Lady651 Frame

Momsen Lady651 Frame

Momsen Lady651 Crankset

Momsen Lady659 Crankset

Momsen Lady651 Comfort Grips

Momsen Lady651 Comfort Grips


Bike specs

Whenever looking at these entry level mountain bikes, it’s always wise to take a look at how well, or poorly, the bike is specced from a component point of view. The Momsen Lady651 components are well specced for its price, with the highlight being the Shimano crankset. The bike is fitted with a Shimano 309 groupset and Tektro hydraulic brakes. The frame is a good quality aluminum frame using Race Tech 2 tubing, whilst the wire-beaded Kenda Honey Badger tires give a good grip on most trails.
Shimano Acera
Momsen Lady651 Suntour Fork
With all the positives of this mountain bike, there had to be some negatives, and the Suntour front fork seems overly sprung with insufficient damping and would probably not hold up to aggressive mountain biking. You could of course fit an air fork to improve this situation. We found the most issues to be with the saddle and its seat post clamps. The clamps just didn’t seem to hold the saddle firmly in position, and the saddle just might not work for most riders. It is narrow and racy, so if it doesn’t suit, simply replace it as necessary.

The women-specific comfort grips are slightly smaller than normal, and have a flattened section to spread nerve pressure, but our tests found that they changed position whilst riding, so locking grips may be a preferable option for some riders.

Final Verdict

A very good quality ladies mountain bike that would be well suited to introduce most ladies to the joys of mountain biking. For the price, you will not get much better value and high specced components including Shimano cranksets and Tektro hydraulic brakes.