Thule Coaster XT Bike Trailer Review

Thule Coaster XT Review
Thule Coaster XT Review
Thule Coaster XT Review


Safety Harness: 5-point safety restraint
Tinted Windows: Yes
Seating Capacity: 1 or 2 children (side-by-side)
Weight Capacity: 45kg


Includes Thule's 5-point safety harness Can fit 2 children side by side Converts to a stoller quite easily



Bottom Line

The Thule Coaster XT is a durable and well designed bike trailer that provides a safe, comfortable ride and easily transforms to a stroller once you reach your destination. It can easily accommodate 2 children side-by-side, and if you really enjoy spending time with the kids whilst biking then we highly recommend the Thule Coaster XT as your bike trailer of choice.

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We all love the outdoors and want to be able to get out onto the trails as often as possible. The problem comes when we then have kids, and it seems that our time mountain biking, or biking in general, comes to an abrupt end. All parents want to have the best of both worlds and be able to share the wonderful world of mountain biking with our kids. However, if we had to wait till they’re old enough to be able to ride with us, you may just lose that spark that got you into biking in the first place.


So what is a mountain biker to do?


Well, bike trailers, like the Thule Coaster could well be the answer. Now many parents may think about the dangers of trailing your kids along behind you, but thanks to Thule’s multitude of Swedish over-cautious safety features, the trailer will never just let go unexpectedly and attaching the trailer to the bike is one of the simplest undertakings that even an inexperienced mountain biker would be able to do. With Thule’s patented ezHitch, attaching to your bike could not be easier.


Thule Coaster Features

A major benefit of the Thule Coaster is that it comes pretty much fully built already, all you need to do is attach the 20″ wheels and slot in the towing arm.

Now lets talk about those 20″ tires!!!

They will pretty much sail over most obstacles and give a somewhat pleasant ride for the passengers. One of the benefits of the Thule Coaster is that it can be used as an actual stroller, although for our review we didn’t really get into using as a stroller pram. Due to the wide width, it isn’t all that practical for quickly getting around. And besides that, how often can you hook a trailer behind your bike and ride along with your kids in the name of a test and review article!


Thule Coaster XT 5 point harness

The wide width does have its benefits though, as there is ample space to fit a pair of toddlers in the Coaster XT trailer without them falling on top of each other. One thing to note though is that the Thule Coaster XT is not recommended for children under 6 months, but carrying 2 children, older than 6 months, side by side will not be a problem in the Coaster XT. Although the Coaster XT is not suitable for children under 6 months, you can still use it when coupled with an approved Thule baby accessory.


Another benefit of the Coaster XT is that it comes with Thule’s 5-point harness system to secure the kids, and the trailer design meets all international safety standards.

The Thule Coaster XT has a maximum weight capacity of 45kg, which most people shouldn’t come anywhere near! Saying that though, even with a single toddler in the Coaster, riding around with the bike trailer will still give you a thorough workout.

Thule Coaster bike trailer review – the final verdict

If you are really interested in spending time with the kids whilst still enjoying your mountain biking past-time, we highly recommend the Thule Coaster XT as your bike trailer of choice.



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